metal roofing austin tx are thinner than shingles, bricks and concrete. This is less of a burden to bear on your structure. And if you’re repairing an older roof, you’re not going to have to take the old one off and cart it off–just place the metal on top of it and you’re done. You even get an extra bit of protection from the old roof. Metal roofing by a Texas-big margin outweighs other materials. Many of the metal panels that we sell bear 40 years or more warranties. With a tile, shingle, or concrete roof, do you think you’ll get anything like that? Nope. Metal roofing is environmentally friendly. It is recycled in the region of 56% of the steel this contains. And if you ever need to repair the metal roof, the whole thing can go to the recyclers.

metal roofing austin tx, Metal roofing

is available in so many styles and colors that you will surely find one with the look you want. (And if you’re in one of those communities with rules and regulations on such things, you can also make them happy.) One of the main drawbacks to metal roofing may be the initial cost, depending on the type and thickness of your metal roof. It’s a smart idea to hire a professional contractor because of the special tools and skills needed to build a metal roof. Sadly, this could result in significantly higher installation costs. This high initial cost, however, is offset by the reliability and durability of the product. It may also be more disruptive than other types of roofing material, especially during rainstorms and hailstorms.

Explore the wide range of color options that we provide for any residential home or building and check out other tools while there. Test what our metal roofing and metal wall panel colors and materials look like on your own project. See metal roofing, metal wall panel, and post-frame construction projects that we have completed to get your creative juice.

Denting during severe hail storms could also be a concern.

If an aluminum or copper roof is hit by a large enough hailstone, denting is likely to occur. Regarding roofing, however, there are metals that are dent resistant. It can also be an issue to paint on the metal roof. Most of the metal roofs here are displaying noticeable wear and tear. All the issues that can occur are peeling, chipping, fading, scraping and chalking. It may also cause wear to walk on these painted surfaces. Consult with the manufacturer to see if the metal roofing can stand up to walking.

All our staff are professionally trained and certified to provide professional installation of metal roofing and construction of metal. For achieve superior results, we offer professional project management with a personal approach. Our metal roofing systems come with a signed five-year workmanship guarantee after installation. We offer solutions for most applications with the industry’s most comprehensive product offering. Whether you’re working on a residential, commercial or industrial venture, our products are made from top-of – the-line materials— meaning you’ll always be confident they’re durable and of the highest quality.

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