The roofing company tile roof austin trusts in fixing, installing and restoring the full-service roof to keep your home or business free from heat, sun, rain and storms.

We offer a wide range of roofing items for all types and sizes of roofing. While other roofing contractors can provide one or two roofing solutions, Roofing has the resources and experience to build or repair all roofing systems, including shingles, tiles, steel roofing and commercial roofing systems such as built-up and single-ply membrane.

Tile Roof Austin

For performance, accessibility and style, the tile roofs are the meeting point. Austin roofs are the second most durable metal roofing systems, but over a tile roof, many people prefer to look like a metal roof. Installing standard tile roofs is more cost-effective than installing a standing seam metal roof; however, depending on the cost of the roof tile chosen, this may change. By general, tile roof repair and maintenance would cost more in the long run than metal or shingle roof maintenance or repair. Due to vegetation or high-wind collisions with debris impact, tiles are susceptible to breakage.

That separates us from other rivals in our industry is their dedication to customer service and deep product knowledge. We offer personalized luxury service at competitive prices and are committed to finding the right roof tile to make your home attractive, architecturally appropriate and maximize your home’s value. Over 100 years of combined experience with our company, our employees have seen it all.


Slope, roof design, landscape, municipal codes and supplier requirements all help determine the building’s shape to be used. Methods common across the US include lug-hung, mortar-set, nail-on, pins, buttons, adhesives, and polyurethane foam. Nails are the least costly construction process, but it is not recommended to mimic the appearance of traditional clay tiles, wood shake, slate and stone. The surface of concrete tiles may be rough or smooth, and the edges of tiles may or may not be ragged. They are resistant to hail, wind and fire, making them a very safe material for roofing when properly installed. Essentially, you can build it whatever you want to look like.

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