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Shingle Roofing Pros and Cons

Everything has its downfalls and short comings. Nothing is too perfect, everything has their cons and needs work in order for it to be better, even Shingle roofs. We’ve seen it all and have been through it all to know everything about these roofs. So we want to explore them with you and tell you what we know so you know too.

To start of, shingle roofs are made up of different materials including, wood, plastic, slate or composite material such as asphalt. And because of this, there are many types of shingles you can use for your roofing, and Austin roofers know all about this, so you can count on us if you’re interested in having shingle roofs for yourself.


Affordability: Shingle roofing are the alternatives roof type to tile roofs, and they are much more cost effective and the best alternative for your home. While still having that strong, durable type of roof on your home.

Warranty: A new roof is no doubt, a big investment. And with almost any big investment, there is a warranty included with. And roofing falls under one of them.

Environmentally Friendly: Shingle roofs are fully recyclable to help preserve landfill space in our environment.

Aesthetic: These roofs are so lovely and pleasant to look at. Where your house is built, with shingle roofs, it sure makes any home easier to look at. You can also get creative with these roofs and choose from the different varieties out there on these roofs. Whether it is color, thickness or sizes, anything is possible to make them look nice.


Style: With all that being said, there are some things that dont quite cut it for everything or everyone. One of them being the look of shingle roofs. Though they’re beautiful in every respect and can brighten your home up with a beautiful look, they can look rather unpleasant to see as well, especially in tropical cities/areas.

Maintenance: These roofing may be affordable at first but it then becomes more pricier because money goes into maintaining these roofs. They know how to attract mold very easily and because of this, you would have to clean them and have them professionally looked after.

Weather Performance: Although shingles are popular across the entire country and are considered high end products, they do lack good performance in foreign weathers such as heat or sunny days. They perform well in cold weathers, but lack goodness in heat.

Now that you know both pro’s and cons about Austin Shingle Roofing, we hope this makes things easier for you to decide which to go for. And if you have an answer and are looking for an installer, contact us and we’ll do your professional shingle roof installation.

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